Submissions to the TDC on the future of Mapua’s Waterfront close on August 14.

The TDC long  report can be downloaded here , but their short form, Mapua Waterfront Area: Options for the Future: a Summary report and Submission form ,  is probably a better place to start (and maybe end, depending how much time you have)  This summary document is an excellent informative presentation of possible options,  the Council’s reccommended options  , and concise summary of issues to consider.

TDC have doe a great job making the submissions process as easy as possible. The back 2 pages provide a FreePost mailing address and a simple Yes/No submission form as well as an online submission form/process.

John is doing a mail box drop of that 8 pp TDC short form  to around 600 houses in Mapua/Ruby Bay over the weekend – basically to try to encourage democratic  participation by residents and rate payers.  There are 17 options, in a long linear  list, Y you may or may not care about or have an opinion on all 17 of them. , but if you can PLEASE make sure you minimally tick:

Yes to Item 8  – on Waterfront Park – maitain status quo with minor upgrades

Yes to Item 9  – on Waterfront park development – but add a note like  “only for playground and family friendly greenspace and recreational items”

No to Item 17  – the proposal to develop a boat ramp on Waterfront Park

What is nice about this short submission form and summary document is that you can easily find a concise summary in the booklet, and the Council’s preferred options. All of those recommendations  seem  to make pretty good sense.

We have prepared two  short “info graphics” that may help . Feel free to download and distribute. Click here for  a PDF version of the grahic below.

After the info graphic there is also a list of bullet points you might want to use or modify in your submission – if you agree with the key ideas.

Some of the issues at stake which you may wish to consider when writing your submission

see also the well thought out point-by-point “considerations” in the TDC’s Mapua Waterfont Area : Options for the Future – Summary Document


  • Mapua has very little remaining greenspace for recreation and we are fast outgrowing what we have. Our foreshore bounds one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and publicly accessible natural habitats. Neither we nor future generations want to see what remains disappear under concrete .


  • The aggregate value to the community by well-designed recreational space used by ordinary folk across a wide social and inter-generational spectrum far outweighs the value of conrete ramps and turning bays for minority use by special interests.


  • There are well documented environmental and health concerns surrounding disturbing the contaminated soil currently contained under the Waterfront park.


  • We would like to see the Waterfront Park finished for its original intention :
    • to be used as a “free” play area for children and a rest and enjoyment area for adults, complementary to the retail and restaurant/café/bar facilities on the Wharf.
    • more frequent use of the amphitheatre for events and performances


  • Mapua welcomes visitors but is in danger of being overwhelmed with additional traffic if it also becomes a regional magnet for large, trailered, powered boat users. Instead, let the visitor magnet be for Great Taste Trail cyclists, public recreational users, and pedestrians.


  • It’s great to see sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards and small boats on the water – it’s part of Mapua’s charm. But large numbers of utes/trailers and powerboats/jet skis bring congestion, noise, parking problems , safety issues, and greenspace/foreshore degredation. There are adequate and underutilized water entry areas for these craft at Motueka and Rabbit Island within easy reach.


  • Grossi Point becomes unsafe at times when the tide encourages large numbers of powered boat users to access the water , posing a danger to swimmers and other water-users, making the reserve unappealling to picnickers and visitors, and degrading the foreshore. Grossi Point is (supposed to be) a protected foreshore environment of the Waimea Estuary. Let’s make it so.