We’d like you to join us as a member.

Our aim is to have free membership and absolutley no requirement to physically attend meetings. We’re all much too busy for that and we now live in the digital age!

However, to comply with NZ laws about registered Incorporated Societies we will have to have an AGM once a year – no problem if you live remotely  or can’t attend ,  as we’ll set up a streaming video service for you to be able to “attend” virtually.

Please complete the form below if you wish to become a member.

Note: The form asks that you have read and understood and accept our constitution. The constituion can be found as a pdf file here – or on our blog here. The blog outlines in red the most relevant clauses – evrything else is pretty much standard for registered societies in New Zealand.  As far as privacy goes, the details you provide will not knowingly be shared with anyone, and we are relying on as a trusted provider with years of experience and skills at keeping information private and secure,  and hackers out. PS the form below has an embedded banner from “jotform” – once we gain a little more cash I will pay for an upgrade that will remove the jotform banner.