Google Map

As at  June 26  we have

100  signatures

on  the petition, mostly  “locals” in the  Mapua /Ruby Bay /Moutere region , but also several   from around Richmond, Nelson Tasman and NZ who share our same vision.

Re google map: I have removed the live  Google Map from public display after one of the petitioners was identified and intimidated/threatened  by someone who found an address via the “location bubbles” map and  did some online search and reverse engineering to  find out who the person was living at that address (that was NOT available on our  google map) . .

I know of people in local meetings, and some local business owners,  who “feel”  intimidated by the intensity of trailered-powerboat lobbyists in public , but to actually receive an intimidating email and  threat? That’s disgusting behaviour in a democratic civil society.


Here is a recent screenshot though ……