Half court Basketball at Mapua waterfront park?

Aside from wharf-jumping for a few months in the summer, what, if anything is there for teens high school age+ and young adults to do in and around Mapua Waterfront - the Wharf or waterfront park? Nothing at all actually .. if you ask teens hanging out around the wharf during school holidays and/or at [...]

Grossi Point …up next

Grossi Point Reserve : The TDC 10 year 2018-2028 plan and options for the next few years? or? Here are a few resources to start your thinking about the general themes underlying TDC's very general ideas to improve, preserve, and maintain Grossi Point  area as a recreation reserve. Over on our facebook page we're collecting pictures and posts on "the best of [...]

Friends of Māpua Waterfront – our first meeting is Thursday May 17

Friends of Māpua Waterfront is an informal group who have been associated with the Waterfront Park, Mapua Wharf and have shared and common views on Council's management responsibilities to coastal cultural assets and amenities within the Mapua Community. The group includes John Fountain, David Mitchell, Jane Smith and Graeme Stradling. We are asking for your support in our [...]

Bilingual street names for Mapua?

Hello Friends of Måpua Waterfront I’m in Vancouver till may 15 doing a bit of teaching at UBC (Universityy of British Columbia) It turns out that UBC (8000+ residents and academics alike) is a quasi “municipality” that resides on native Musqueam Indian land . The UBC community takes seriously its cultural history. Just recently they [...]

TDC Councillors unanimous on Waterfront Park and Grossi Point

Last Thursday the Council unanimously passed the Hearings' recommendations on Mapua Waterfront. A friend within TDC informed me that the recommendations next get "published"  and then a "working group" is formed to implement the plans. Exactly how this works out over the next year or so I'm not sure. Here are some preliminary thoughts - [...]

Best Practise in foreshore parks-playgrounds – Kitsilano in YVR

https://vimeo.com/228287025   If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video says it all! This little clip from a day I spent at Vancouver's Kisilano beach shows the "ambience" that we can create  for Mapua's Waterfront Park . Magical sounds of children playing, families picnicking , moms and dads watching carefully but enjoying the [...]

Parks and Recreation -where to from here?

August 14 is the deadline for submissions on TDC's Options for the Future document for Mapua's Waterfront. Hearings are next week, deliberations and decisions some time later. So, where to from here? I'm hoping that TDC will endorse and commit to a vibrant play ground/recreational space for MApua's waterfront park . Beyond hoping, I'm also [...]