Ideas from Tahunanui beachfront park

If we want to make waterfront park attractive to younger teens, maybe we could take  ideas from some of the recreational elements at Tahunanui beachfront park. Here is a short clip showing some teens having fun playing aroud on  a half court basketball court.   Something like this would be easy to lay down [...]

Outdoor checker board

We don't know yet what the"elements" of the various recreational bits and pieces might be.....but here's one possibility that might "fit" well in a portion of waterfront park - an outdoor checkerboard (or chessboard). This photo comes from Vancouver Parks archives, and is nearly 100 years old....but....could be relaxing fun for seniors (any and all [...]

Māpua Waterfront Working Group – starting up

  The first meeting of the TDC's new Working Group to implement the Māpua Waterfront Masterplan is July 3, and Friends of Māpua Waterfront is a standing member along with several other organizations. Graeme Stradling will be our Society's representaitve . The  terms of reference for the TDC's  Working Group can be found here . [...]