Grossi Point …up next

Grossi Point Reserve : The TDC 10 year 2018-2028 plan and options for the next few years? or?

Here are a few resources to start your thinking about the general themes underlying TDC’s very general ideas to improve, preserve, and maintain Grossi Point  area as a recreation reserve. Over on our facebook page we’re collecting pictures and posts on “the best of Grossi Point” – enjoy.

First a Top of the South map of Grossi Point with some distances on it – please download, print it off, have a thought about how/where to create safe zones, peaceful environmentally friendly mixed use “zones”, non intrusive “infrastructure” for naturally powered water craft.

Second read through the 1 page extract about Grossi Point from the TDC’s long term plan for the Mapua Waterfront 2018-2028. I’ve cut and pasted the main portion below, but here is a pdf of page 12. Generally Grossi is a culturally and environmentally sensitive and important foreshore reserve so no “major” developments will be permitted.


Text excerpt from page 12 TDC masterplan for Mapua Waterfront 2018-2028 :

GROSSI POINT RECREATION RESERVE :Improve, preserve, andmaintain the area as a recreation reserve

Archaeological sites along the estuary and atMoturoa/Rabbit Island are reported to be “associated withthe Māori fishing village at Grossi Point at Mapua,occupied as early as 1200AD”1. Grossi Point is of major cultural significance to a range of iwi groups, and is a recorded archaeological site.

The Grossi Point Recreation Reserve (the Reserve) is very popular with the local community. It is well used and known location for swimming, picnicking, barbeques, dog walking and swimming. It is also used for boat launching including, non-powered craft (kayaks, paddle boards) and small motorised boats. Power boat usage of the boat ramp in GrossiPoint has reportedly increased in the last five years due to the closure of the Mapua Wharf boat ramp between the hours of 10am to 7pm, and the growing number of power boatowners within the community.

Grossi Point is now the only boat launching ramp available at all times. During peak times, large numbersof boats launch from the ramp which is tidally affected. This means boat owners drive onto the estuary, potentially causing damage to the sea bed and ecological environs and erosion of the shoreline (with cultural significance).

The increase in boat use has also resulted in reported social conflict between swimmers and boat users in the area, particularly around safety and access.

There is community support for the launching of motorised power boats at Grossi Point. However, if as part of theregional solution a suitable alternative boat ramp was developed, the community preference is that the Reserve should be returned to a non-powered (or very small motorised) craft launching area with corresponding protection of the peninsula waterfront along the estuary. In the interim Council supports all boat and trailer parking to be on the remediated land along Tahi Street.

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