Weathered wood Bike racks in Ngaio reserve

Stephen Richards and I have been exploring ideas for bike racks in the “newly refurbished” Ngaio tree reserve area . See the design detail here.

The very general concept we’re working with has only one component to date – the material: weathered wood that would “fit in” with the existing chunky weathered wood around he Wharf . But in what sizes,  shapes,  configurations etc? and of course “where” exactly.

This morning I found some weathered timbers from way back, typically 150x 100 macrocarpa ,  but one bigger chunky piece at 160×170. The lengths (heights) are not designed yet, but are around 800-900 mm. I used this wood for a set of rough and ready prototypes.

Appreciating that these pics are rough and ready, “get your head around the idea “, here are some questions for you :

  1. Which if any do you think I should make up ?
  2. What sizes of timber (length width depth) should we experiment with : widths and depths could really be any combination in the ranges 100-250?? Heights?
  3. Do you have any other suggestions for funky seaside shapes and sizes configurations that would fit in well at the wharf?
  4. Would secure locking be best implemented by heavy iron or steel rings, at the base and the top? or with several large holes through the timber (if so , where?).
  5. Any ideas for local sawmills timber merchants who might be willing to supply some offcuts for this prototype stage (names of managers would be nice but I’m prepared to go cold calling!)

To start with I used one bike against a plywood back ground:


Next we have a single vertical timber, one at 150×100  (top left and top right) the next at 160×170. These are free standing but the general idea is they would be fixed to a metal flange to be dyna-bolted in to the concert – making them easily removable and reconfigurable in the Wharf space …if needs be.

Next I wondered about 2 vertical posts – making the bike easier to lean against without falling, and I’ve tried two different spacings. One picture has a horizontal  bar – obviously the finished product will have nicely fitted joints, but ignoring the rough details what do you think of this idea? In terms of functionality it makes it really easy to lock a bike  frame and/or  wheels, :

Then, why go vertical – maybe something angular – again could be symmetric with a clean inverted V at the top – or something more arty  and storm battered ?? ??


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