Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan Working Group Proposed Terms of Reference

Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan Working Group
Proposed Terms of Reference

March 2018

Table of contents

  1. Purpose and Functions
  2. Objectives of the Working Group
  3. Limitations of Power
  4. Membership
  5. Selection of Members
  6. Scope
  7. Term
  8. Operating Philosophy
  9. Meeting Schedule

1. Purpose and Functions

The purpose and function of the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan Working Group is to provide community involvement in the implementation of the Masterplan.

2. Objectives of the Working Group

a) To provide input and feedback on the implementation of the Action Plans as set out in the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan.
b) To contribute to the establishment of workable solutions for each of the Action Plans within each identified area.
c) To ensure that the local community and stakeholders are kept informed of progress and where determined necessary have the opportunity for input into the proposed changes and solutions for each of the identified areas.
d) To provide regular six monthly updates to Council of progress, outcomes and outputs.
e) Timeframes for this work are to complete the identified Year 1-5 Actions within that time. The Working Group will be responsible for determining the priority of actions.

3. Limitations of Power

The Working Group does not have the authority to commit Council to any path or expenditure and shall operate in a manner that does not compromise Council’s ability to make decisions as appropriate.

4. Membership

The Working Group is made up as follows:

● Council Property Services Manager
● Council Reserves and Facilities Manager
● Māpua and District Community Association – 1 representative
● Māpua District Business Association – 1 representative
● Māpua Boat Club– 1 representative
● Tamaha Sea Scouts – 1 representative
● Friends of Māpua Waterfront– 1 representative
● Iwi – 1 representative

5. Selection of Members

Each group, as listed above, shall be responsible for nominating one member to join the Working Group. That nominated member shall be required to attend all Working Group meetings.

6. Scope

Selected members will be responsible for:

● Representing the views of the community with a focus on the benefit of the whole area to the local community, Maori, and visitors.
● Ensuring consistency and cohesion between each of the identified Action Plan areas to recognise the interconnectivity of the waterfront area and surrounds.
● Liaising and providing feedback from the various groups and organisations on the proposed implementation actions.
● Liaising with Council departments on the preferred proposals for implementation.

7. Term

Membership of the Working Group will continue until the outputs specified in Section 2 of this document are completed.

8. Operating Philosophy

The Working Group will, at all times, operate in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, and will observe the following principles at all times:

a. Give effect to the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan;
b. Be culturally sensitive, observing tikanga Māori;
c. Recognise the interconnectivity of the waterfront area;
d. Promote a philosophy of integrated decision making to achieve the multiple objectives of the range of interests in the waterfront area;
e. Work in a collaborative and cooperative manner using best endeavours to reach solutions that take account of the interests of all sectors of the community;
f. Members of the Group will contribute their knowledge and perspective, but not promote the views or positions of any particular interest or stakeholder group; and
g. The Working Group will seek consensus in its decision making where possible.

9. Meeting Schedule

The Working Group shall determine the frequency of the meetings but they shall be a minimum of bi-monthly (every two months).

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