Public meeting notice

archived une 13 2018 (JF):


 17th May 2018
Mapua Hall in Bill Marris Room at 7.30pm – Invitation to attend

An invitation – to come along and support the plans to improve, protect and manage the very special waterfront reserves around Mapua port.


Our group, established informally to tackle the challenges of conflicting development pathways for these areas, now will become a formal group (an association inc.). The next stage in the Mapua story is the delivery and implementation of Tasman District Council’s exciting Masterplan over the next few years.

By incorporating as a registered association in NZ, we can be part of the council led Working Group that will be helping Council staff “get it right”. We have been invited to be an active part of this group. Our “Friends of Mapua Waterfront” inaugural meeting is on this Thursday 17th May 7.30pm Bill Marris Room at the Mapua Hall. Come along and support the Masterplan. Join the group, share your ideas and be kept fully informed as we choose priorities, develop more cool stuff and happenings at Waterfront Park, grow our own solutions, answers and responses to the challenges and options for the Mapua Wharf Green space, Grossi Point and associated amenities.

Can’t make the meeting but would like to register your interest? Email us

Friends of Mapua Waterfront is currently in the process of application to become a registered association. We are formed from a local residents’ group. We are dedicated to gathering and sharing ideas, opinions, thoughts and news, as well as actively supporting the TDC as it develops and implements the exciting new plans for Mapua’s waterfront. You can can find out more about  the  Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan here.

The TDC is setting up a Working Party to oversee future developments.  We have been invited to be on that working group. Clearly that Working Party will need information and ideas from potential users about what features of a family friendly recreation area the Mapua waterfront area should –  and could – have. And you may want to keep posted on notifications, ideas, and decisions as the details of future developments are fleshed out .

So please consider joining us.

Support for a family-friendly area

During the run up to the public consultation  on Mapua Waterfront we discovered widespread support across a broad spectrum of people for a family friendly park and recreation area to complement the vibrant Wharf commercial area. The support came  from a broad spectrum of society: school principals and  PTAs, from parents of children with disabilities to DHB paediatric specialists who care for them, from diverse small local business men and women   to larger regional businesses, from busy 2 parent working families through to solo parents, from active kids and teens through to elderly seniors, from kiwis with extended family in Mapua, Ruby Bay and Moutere, and from visitors throughout NZ and the world.

Many, many people, locally, regionally and throughout NZ, love this little place. Most do not, and cannot, participate in the two major local, general purpose business and community associations; MDBA and MDCA. For good reason:  mostly to do scarce time in a busy life. But They all love the Village, the Wharf, and Mapua’s Waterfront areas and would love to support and be kept informed about ongoing developments about the waterfront.

How about you?

Please contact us if you’d like to receive regular newsletters and updates.

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