TDC Councillors unanimous on Waterfront Park and Grossi Point

Last Thursday the Council unanimously passed the Hearings’ recommendations on Mapua Waterfront.

A friend within TDC informed me that the recommendations next get “published”  and then a “working group” is formed to implement the plans.

Exactly how this works out over the next year or so I’m not sure. Here are some preliminary thoughts – comments welcome!

We definitely have a core group of local residents who wish to continue to be involved in a supportive role an the exciting future for Mapua’s waterfront, primarily Waterfront Park and Grossi Point. So how shall we proceed ? There are pros and cons to each of the suggestions , individually or in combination, below:

  • a Trust, “Friends of Mapua Waterfront”, for credible,  large scale  and long-term  fund raising for Mapua Waterfront initiatives and infrastructure developed through TDC for Mapua Waterfront ?
  • a separate and specific organisation that will facilitate and encourage continuing information flow and engagement  across local , regional and national communities  for for initiatives over the next decade?
  • a simple inexpensive  incorporated society doing similar things?

During the lead up to  the Hearings on Mapua Waterfront we discovered widespread support across a broad spectrum of people for family friendly park and recreation of the kind supported by TDC’s recent decision: from school principals to PTAs, from parents of children with disabilities to DHB paediatric specialists who care for them, from diverse small local business men and women   to larger regional businesses, from busy 2 parent working families through to solo parents, from active kids and teens through to elderly seniors, from visitors throughout NZ and the world.

Many , many people love this little place, and most do not participate in the two major local, general purpose business and community associations , MDBA, MDCA  –  all for good reason:  scarce time and money, limited perceived benefit. But they all love the  Village, the Wharf, and Mapua’s Waterfront areas and would love to support and be kept informed about ongoing developments about the waterfront. .

What do you think?


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