TDC has reached a decision – a favourable one!

Good news: The new TDC master plan preserves Waterfront park as a park and for improved community use(s), ditto for Grossi Point as a reserve.

The full report of the hearing on Mapua Waterfront is now available, and a decision by Council will be made to adopt it this Thursday, Nov 16, The Council will meet this Thursday and (hopefully) adopt the recommendations in the Report.  The full TDC agenda for Thursdays Council meeting can be found on the Council Website  here. I’ve extracted  pdf of the 36 page report relating to Mapua here  Mapua Warerfront Plan Report.

Enclosed is the summary  ,

Sharon Flood, TDCs strategic policy manager, has asked that we advise as many interested parties in the public about the Hearing recommendations and about the Council meeting to adopt the recommendations on Thursday.





Decision Required by TDC

  • This report asks Council to consider the recommendations of the Hearing Panel appointed to hear submissions on the Mapua Waterfront Master Plan and then The following is a summary of the key recommendations:
    1. Area between Golden Bear Brewery and Estuary – preserve the area as public open space with minor improvements.
    2. Mapua Wharf Area – retain Council ownership and preserve the vibrancy of the wharf area as a visitor
    3. Waterfront Park – retain as open park space and explore improvements to enhance community facilities and its
    4. Remediated Land (Tahi Street and Aranui Road) – retain Council ownership of entire area as a strategic asset for the
    5. Grossi Point Reserve – improve, preserve and maintain the area as a
    6. Parking – improve and manage
    7. Lighting and Pedestrian Safety – improve lighting and improve accessibility and safety of walking


  • Although sympathetic to the needs of the boating community at Mapua, the Hearing Panel does not support the development of a boat ramp in Waterfront Park. The overriding issues in this decision were a combination of factors including the location of the Council’s high pressure wastewater pumping main which is situated in the locality of the proposed boat ramp in Waterfront Park, marine health and safety issues, estimated project costs and that it is a local solution not a regional solution, parking issues and traffic congestion, and that nearly half of the submissions received were in strong
  • The Hearing Panel supports the ongoing use of Grossi Point Reserve by smaller vessels, but urges boat owners to use alternative launching facilities in the nearby area including Rough Island and Motueka If boat owners do launch at Grossi Point, the Hearing Panel’s preference is that owners park their boat trailers and vehicles on the remediated land along Tahi Street.
  • As a boat ramp in Waterfront Park is not supported, the Hearing Panel recommends that as there was no other immediate identified solution to the Tamaha Sea Scouts storage issues, that in the interim they remain where they The Hearing Panel recommends Council remains open to hearing from the Scouts Club as to potential alternative solutions.

That the Full Council

  1. receives the Report to Adopt the Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan 2018-2038 RCN17-11-05; and
  2. notes the recommendations of the Hearing Panel relating to the Mapua Waterfront Masterplan and submissions on the Options Document, contained in the minutes of the Hearing Panel deliberations held on 24 August 2017 and 4 October 2017; and
  3. adopts the Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan, as contained in Attachment 1, pursuant to Section 76 and 79 of the Local Government Act 2002; and
  4. agrees to Cr King and the Chief Executive Officer approving any minor editorial amendments and the professionally designed version of the Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan prior topublication


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