Best Practise in foreshore parks-playgrounds – Kitsilano in YVR


If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video says it all! This little clip from a day I spent at Vancouver’s Kisilano beach shows the “ambience” that we can create  for Mapua’s Waterfront Park .

Magical sounds of children playing, families picnicking , moms and dads watching carefully but enjoying the curiosity and excitement of their children. Kids have space to wander and play . Seniors (like moi!) sit and read and people watch. Teens and adults have a half court basketball court 50 metres away, ditto for volleyball. Simple infrastructure – posts for a volleyball net (bring your own) and a backboard and hardback for a basketball court (bring your own ball) . And of course there is the visual background of wonderful foreshore beach, water, and mountains. There is a beachfront shop for affordable food and coffee, upstairs a higher end restaurant with views (and food) to die for, then a block of toilets, changing rooms, all about 100 metres away . The promenade at Kits is well used, by walkers and cyclists – but cyclists have to dismount through this busy portion . Of course there is no motorised access whatsoever. A couple of commercial kayaker and paddle board concessions are permitted at the Ok…Mapua’s Waterfront Park is on a smaller scale



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