July 3 release of Documentation on TDC’s Draft Waterfront Management Plan


I just received an email from Sharon Flood , TDC strategic policy manager, about public release of documentation for the Mapua Waterfront Draft management plan options . The documentation will be  made public on july 3rd in an agenda at a community development committee meeting – which takes place on July 6 (I think -0 .  . If you go to the TDC   website for council meetings in July
it shows that the Community Development Committee meets on Thursday july 6 at 9-30 am.  There is also a Public Forum at this meeting.
It would be helpful  if some concerned residents  could sit in on this meeting and take  notes. I have no idea who the members  of this committee are ,  but it would be good to know what both they and the “ public”  have to say on that day.  (Since I am away until July 23 I can’t attend   this meeting. )
Good morning John, the report and copy of the options document will go out on the Community Development Committee agenda next Monday – 3 July 2017, so you will be able to find it there on our website under council meetings.  The relevant link  – here –  can help you find it.   We will also put a link to the document on our Council website once it has been approved by the Committee for public release.
Kind regards


Sharon Flood 
Strategic Policy Manager
DDI 03 543 7247 | Sharon.Flood@tasman.govt.nz
Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050, NZ

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