Timeline for Draft Management Plan for Mapua Waterfront

Hello Mapua Waterfront petitioners.

I have two updates for you, the first  a time line for the Mapua Waterfront Draft Management Plan, the second about the  numbers of residents signing our petition.

First, we have 93 signatures to our petition – most (85% or so) from our  local Mapua/Ruby Bay/Tasman/Moutere area – but some from as far away as ….Dargaville  and Copenhagen!

All of these signatures  have been gathered by word-of-mouth so please continue to be active in inviting encouraging friends, family and neighbours to sign the petition – at the this link . We will submit our final list/petition formally to the TDC hearings that are coming up in August (see below) . The more signatures we have, especially from “local” residents and ratepayers who live, work and play in Mapau ,  the more persuasive our case will be . And please do remember to include and encourage teens and other young adults to participate, in our petition and in the upcoming hearings process . Too often their viewpoints are never even investigated  – an anomaly since they are the future generations we are planning for!



Sharon Flood, strategic policy manager at TDC , has provided me with a “timeline” of events in the following email. As yet , I have no documentation or other information  from TDC as to what they are thinking or proposing – if you are aware of anything please make a comment on the post and I will spread the news.


Good afternoon John, your email has been passed onto my to respond to.  This work has progressed slower than anticipated due to the high level of community input.  The updated timeline is as follows:

If you have any further questions regarding the timeline above, please let me know

Kind regards

Sharon Flood, Strategic Policy Manager, TDC .


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