Charm, Peace and Tranquility

Chris made an astute comment:

Please do not put in a boat ramp at Mapua. This would destroy the peace and tranquility of the area. The power boats, and no doubt jet skis would decimate the beauty and serenity Mapua has. The noise pollution, visual intrusion and a jam up of the area, that is so affected by tidal flow would be very dangerous for the general public and especially for those wanting to to pursue a non intrusive sport like swimming. Non of this even touches on both the amount of water space and land they would need and take up in order to pursue their fun and this demand could grow. Does the council then remove even more land, that everyone uses in order to satisfy the boy’s & their fancy toys. There are plenty of other areas around the Nelson & Tasman area that would be far more suited for boat entry in to water. There is no need whatsoever to put something so invasive into an area, that draws people and events because of its intrinsic charm..

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