Amphitheatre concerts par excellence

We want more of these amazing amphitheatre concerts. Click here  to view a short video about this wonderful event  – so cool to see the self confidence of young children and teens in our community, all  in an outdoor setting to die for!

The mapua church also organises events at the amphitheatre, Christmas in the Park and an Good Friday/Easter Morning outdoor service. Thanks to Sally for the photos :

If you know of any other creative uses for the amphitheatre please contact us, and i’ll post the info up. Or , better yet, you can post it up on our Facebook page.

Communicating these amazing uses of the amphitheatre is important. The TDC is reviewing the future of the Mapua Waterfront. If TDC councillors realise what a remarkable resource the remediation efforts of a decade ago gifted us , they will keep the park and amphitheatre and promenade. If we/you don’t publicise this, there is a chance a small private group of powerboat owners will be successful in appropriating, and expropriating,  this resource for their own benefit.

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