Make a playground inclusive for special needs kids

I found a Playgrounds inclusive of Special Needs Kids website that summaries a number of  outdoor parks that were/are specifically designed and built to be “inclusive”.
The following youtube clip of an inclusive playground in Israel  is a tear jerker and heart warmer at the same time…….but it also makes me want to do something like this in our waterfront park – make it inclusive . That would put Mapua on the map for a reason that everyone in the region and NZ would be proud of, Yes, we’d have to work hard at fund raising to do this – but for a project like this I’m sure we’d get a lot of help inside the Nelson Tasman region, and nationally.
Click on the photo to go to the Youtube page 
mom and kid on sn swing
From the very small – e.g. back supports in swings  for your children with spina bifida – to larger – wheel chair friendly surfaces and ramps for elevated adventure playgrounds .  It’s all quite humbling and inspirational at the same time!
Tim thought about a basketball hoop in the recreational playground – why not. But then, why not make it so these guys can play too!!

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