TDC Working Group for Mapua Waterfront starts in July



The first meeting of the TDC’s new Working Group to implement the Māpua Waterfront Masterplan is July 3, and Friends of Māpua Waterfront is a standing member along with several other organizations.

Graeme Stradling will be our Society’s representaitve .

The  terms of reference for the TDC’s  Working Group can be found here . They are worth reading in full , but  key bits and pieces can be found in the purposes and objectives (emphasis added ) :

1. Purpose and Functions

The purpose and function of the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan Working Group is to provide community involvement in the implementation of the Masterplan.

2. Objectives of the Working Group

  • To provide input and feedback on the implementation of the Action Plans as set out in the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan.
  • To contribute to the establishment of workable solutions for each of the Action Plans within each identified area.
  • To ensure that the local community and stakeholders are kept informed of progress and where determined necessary have the opportunity for input into the proposed changes and solutions for each of the identified areas.
  • To provide regular six monthly updates to Council of progress, outcomes and outputs.
  • Timeframes for this work are to complete the identified Year 1-5 Actions within that time. The Working Group will be responsible for determining the priority of actions.


So, as the Working group kicks off, we, our Society –  Friends of Māpua Waterfront – will start reaching out to you to keep informed , and as mentioned above, occasionally to ask for your input about proposed developments .

In fact, all members of the TDC working group have a responsibility for: (see TDC terms of reference Scope)

● Representing the views of the community with a focus on the benefit of the whole area to the local community, Maori, and visitors.
● Ensuring consistency and cohesion between each of the identified Action Plan areas to recognise the interconnectivity of the waterfront area and surrounds.
● Liaising and providing feedback from the various groups and organisations on the proposed implementation actions.
● Liaising with Council departments on the preferred proposals for implementation.

And our Management Committee (Graeme, John, Lynne, Jane, Del and David) aim to do just that, actively and pro-actively , for you, over the years to come.

Who is “you”? Just about anyone who loves, visits, and lives in or near or not so near Mapua:

Seniors 60 -90, kids (pre-schoolers to teens), busy parents and busy families, 2 parent or 1,  able bodied family members or those with special needs, walkers, talkers, joggers,  bloggers, photographers, coffee-wine-food aficionados, PTAs,  schools and pre-schools, active religious communities , the many smaller  scale local and regional artists and businesses in food, accommodation , entertainment, music, construction … health centres in the Nelson Tasman region promoting healthy lifestyle for their members, a diverse   range of local and regional clubs that occasionally , or frequently, enjoy the delights of the Mapua Waterfront, cyclists on or off the Great Taste Trail ;   paddleboarders,  kayak adventurers, canoeists, sail boaters/boarders, swimmers…anyone who loves water sports and water activities.


Please contact us if you’d like to receive regular news updates.

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Want to stay in touch? Keep up to date with progress reports on TDC’s Mapua Waterfront Masteprlan working group that is implementing our exciting TDC Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan over the next few years?

Whether you are a local, or form  the Nelson Tasman region or live elsewhere in New Zealand, or overseas, we welcome your input , and we’re happy to be a portal for you to keep uo tp date on “what’s the hap…” about developments on the Mapua Waterfront


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Friends of Mapua Waterfront