Welcome to the website of Friends of Mapua Waterfront.

We are a friendly society with a mission to facilitate communication, information, and funding proposals back and forth between the TDC and visitors, workers, businesses, residents as the TDC consults and investigates and makes decisions about ways to “develop” Mapua’s Waterfront. “Develop” is in quotation marks because much anticipated “development” as far as foreshore goes is “no development” !

The primary way TDC is organising these developments is through the 2018-2028 Mapua Waterfront Masterplan adopted in late 2018 , a Working Party to “implement” that Plan (we are a member of that working part) , as well as an upcoming Waimea Moutere reserves management plan for the “reserves” of Grossi Point (those reserves actually stretch from Waterfront Park south along the foreshore to Grossi Point , west along the foreshore to Langford drive)

Your first port of call should be the blog page where you can keep up to date with and comment on the latest information. For example just recently we posted a video clip and some still pictures of how the Wharf Area and the Waterfront Park worked together to host the Mapua School’s Masked Parade. Then, if you are interested , you might think about “joining “us (no $-fees, no real time meetings!) through the membership page, but there is no need to “join” to participate. You can find out more about our mission and governance structure here.

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Want to stay in touch? Keep up to date with progress reports on TDC’s Mapua Waterfront Masteprlan working group that is implementing our exciting TDC Mapua Waterfront Area Masterplan over the next few years?

Whether you are a local, or form  the Nelson Tasman region or live elsewhere in New Zealand, or overseas, we welcome your input , and we’re happy to be a portal for you to keep uo tp date on “what’s the hap…” about developments on the Mapua Waterfront

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